about us

About us


About us

amella is Ray and Bella (professional picture above)

Ray: “Well, it’s basically Bella and I. While I – technically – do most of the work, Bella helps me out a lot by giving me lots of ideas and doing some mixing and mastering herself.


Bella: “yea, Ray is mostly playing the instruments, while I help out by giving lots and lots of advice. I am also mixing and mastering the music, sometimes.”

we are...

A music producer, composer and songwriter.

Most of our work is on our YouTube channel, created in spring 2016. Currently, we live in Germany, and we both see our passion in music, and music production. 

We both aspire to do music everyone loves to listen to. That’s basically what music is about, isn’t it?

What music do we do?

Our music can be condensed into "all kinds of genres". From Gaming & anime remixes to Pop-Covers as well as Original Songs!. We simply love to do songs on everything that we personally like!

do whatever makes you happy

Music comforts people. Sometimes, you just listen and forget the world around you. Music can be attributed all kinds of emotions and is undoubtedly helpful for many people.  Whether you want to be motivated; to feel happy; to fight your battle with depression; to work your way through anxiety or to chill and relax, music simply takes us to many places, sometimes alone, sometimes together.

I want to feel emotions of all kinds. I want music to be part of my everyday life. I want music to stay an important part of my everyday life. I want to cherish and share my love for music to all of you. Whenever I needed help; whenever I felt left alone; whenever I needed time to think; whenever I wanted to relax; whenever I wanted to be motivated… Music always helped me process and overcome many obstacles. 

I don’t need to explain more because I want my music to speak for itself.