Most frequent questions and answers

First and foremost, please credit appropriately when using my music! It takes a lot of time creating compositions, recording, editing, mixing, mastering, etc. I do allow people using my music under following conditions:

  • You can use my songs if …
    • … you want to use them for your movie, AMV, animation, etc.
    • … you want to make your own cover song (regarding instrumentals & remixes of mine).
    • … you want to use my songs as “background music” for your videos, vlogs, commentary videos, etc.
  • You can NOT use my songs if …
    • … you simply want to re-upload my music (especially when you deliberately edit my intro out and re-upload it).
    • … you want to make  “Night Core” versions of my music (honestly, “Night Core” songs are basically just sped up re-uploads, sigh…).

Thank you for you understanding!

Most DAWs ( “Digital Audio Workstation” i.e. the music progam) are quite similar in terms of features. I personally learned to use Cubase Pro (always the latest version), and I’m more than happy with it!

There are always other DAWs one can use for professional music production, such as FL Studio, Ableton, Sonar, etc.

Most items can finish the job fairly well. This is the recording equipment I use most frequently:

  • Audio Interface
    • I use “RME Fireface UCX”
  • (large-diaphragm) Condenser Microphone
    • I use “Audio Technica AT4050 SM” and the good ol’ “Neumann TLM 49”
  • Microphone Preamp
    • I use “Grace Design M101”

Please keep in mind that there are many different less expensive alternatives regarding studio recording. When I started music production, I also did buy entry-level equipment!

I do commissions! Feel free to send me a message on my Contact Form!

I love to check out new songs! Feel free to send me requests anytime! I cannot guarantee that I’ll make a remix or cover song regarding your request, but I’ll genuinely try it out if I like the suggestions!

I used to do lots of music my entire life!

When I was in school, I met a few amazing friends, whom of which wanted to start a band with me. We were a decent group, which consisted of a guitar player, bass player, a singer, a drum player, and a piano player (me :p).

After quite some time playing together, we wanted to start recording our music, and saved up quite a bit to buy decent equipment for music production. My father, who was a great friend of a professional music producer living in a city nearby, allowed me to contact said producer; I learned a lot of useful stuff regarding music production, proper equipment, etc.

After having finished school, my band and I disbanded, and I stopped doing music for a year or so.. My cousin, whose name is Amella, encouraged me to create a YouTube channel. So, after having thought about it for a while, I actually did create my music channel, and it was solely because of her. Since it was her, who brought up the idea of a YouTube channel, I simply decided to name my channel after her.

I did not expect this hobby of mine to become so important to me; I’m genuinely happy it is, though!